Three Rules to Follow When Hiring a Divorce Mediator

Divorce mediation is becoming increasingly popular not just in Middletown but across the state and country.  Still, it’s important to be informed so that you make the best possible decision in selecting a mediator for your case.  Follow these three tips to maximize your chances of success during divorce mediation.

Look for an expert in the field of divorce mediation.  Someone who has served as a mediator in numerous divorce cases will more likely be aware of the most common issues and how to help you navigate them.  Your divorce mediator should also be invested in helping you resolve the case outside of court in the most efficient and effective way.  To get your questions answered early, ask if the mediator is willing to work with you and your spouse during an initial divorce consultation so that you are both prepared for what to expect.

Second, look for an experienced problem solver.  There is no one pathway to successful divorce mediation in Middletown, so you need to find an individual who is capable of adapting and working through challenges without getting bogged down in them.  You may need to walk through various options before settling on a solution to a complex divorce situation, so selecting a mediator with the skills from the outset can significantly increase your chances of success.

Finally, seek a Middletown divorce mediator who is compassionate.  Even though there are important legal issues on the table during your mediation, this is also a highly personal and emotional process.  The mediator should be invested in the emotional and financial wellness of your family members.

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