Should I Represent Myself in a Family Law Matter?

It can seem very tempting to represent yourself when you’re headed to court for a family law issue, but you need to be aware of the risks of doing this.  While technically can represent yourself, it’s often in your best interest to retain a New York family lawyer.  More often than not, people who feel comfortable representing themselves are those who feel that they will have a relatively straightforward case in court.  What many find out is that the case can unfold and become more complex very quickly.

Laws relating to family issues in the state of New York can be very complicated.  It’s very frustrating to realize that you do not understand the nuances of the court system when you represent yourself.  Many individuals who choose to head into a family law conflict representing themselves get overwhelmed very quickly.  This is because the law is intended to be practiced by lawyers.  The best way to protect your rights and have someone advocating for you in court is to hire a New York family lawyer.  In any case, consulting directly with a lawyer can be a valuable exercise to get some grounding in the basic laws.

Many family law issues hit quite close to home, and therefore the outcome of such a case can have a significant impact on your life.  Don’t risk your outcome by making the mistake of assuming that you will be fine family and on your own.  Usually by the time you discover that you are no longer comfortable handling the issue alone, it is too late.  Instead, get help from the outset can feel confident that someone is advocating for you in court knowledgeably.

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