Child support issues can be contentious in a divorce.  Despite both parents wanting what is best for their children, applying a price tag to this sort of thing is complicated.  Child support is determined based on a specific formula created by the  court system.  However, every family is different and might not fit into the predetermined system.  Divorce mediation can be helpful in allowing couples to create a fair child support arrangement that is beneficial to both parents and the child.

Often in divorce mediation, through the good will which is generated by the communicative process, parents are able to reach an agreement that satisfies all parties.  Mediation provides an opportunity to discuss financial concerns, the needs of the child, and the circumstances of each spouse.  When everyone’s voice is heard and their points of view considered, a mutually beneficial arrangement that prioritizes the children is more likely.  Likewise, when both parents play a role in creating the child support arrangement, it is more likely to offer long-term success.

Resolving child support and possibly spousal maintenance  issues is a complex process and it doesn’t get easier when litigation gets involved.  Through divorce mediation, Allan Wolk, attorney, and Iris Wolk, Social Worker, can help make discussion and decision-making a lot less adversarial and more cooperative.  Contact him today at 845-634-8179 or email him at for a free consultation.