Child custody is one of the most important issues that couples face when divorcing.  Their children are their most valuable assets and, as such, they must work to protect their best interests.  Ideally, both parents will want what is best for the children, but they might not always agree on what that is.  In some cases, one parent might even choose to use the children as a weapon against their spouse.  In either case, mediation can be helpful in designing a path toward a fair arrangement that ensures the needs of the children remain the top priority.

Whether you are creating a parenting plan or arranging a schedule for your child, mediation can be useful.  These are personal issues that are best left to a child’s parents to decide, but when they are unable to do so the law steps in.  Mediation is an effective tool by which to settle issues related to child custody in a confidential, non-confrontational environment.  Should it prove ineffective, there are other options that can help you ensure the best arrangement is created for your child.  Through mediation, Allan Wolk offers a private and civil forum that allows you to you iron out a custody agreement which prioritizes your children’s best interests. If mediation is not suited for you, he will all within his power, by law and strategy, to get you custody.  Contact him today at 845-634-8179 or email him for a free consultation.