Prenuptial Agreements in Westchester County Just Got Easier

Prenuptial Agreements in Weschester County have not only become more popular—they’ve become easier than ever to make.   With the rise in alternative dispute resolution processes like prenuptial agreement mediation, determining how property will be distributed and what scope of alimony would be fair doesn’t require “lawyering up” to make the process more difficult than it has to be.

But I love him/her…

While most marrying couples like to believe that they will never separate or need to go through with the terms of the agreement, the simple fact is: separation happens often, and to the strongest relationships.   Beyond the normal “triggers” for divorce, there are situations that occur that are out of the control of both parties, making marriages dissolve and separations happen even in the most well-meaning relationships.   Preparing for this possibility is not cynical or unromantic—rather, it is smart thinking and wise financial planning for both partners.

This is why you need it.

When separation and divorce does occur, for most couples going through it, the transition can be financially and emotionally devastating for everyone in the family—including the children.   The primary reason this happens is because the family hadn’t planned for this, or hadn’t thought of the logistics of how it would work out to separate one household into two.   In addition to moving costs, the costs of an additional mortgage or rent payment, and the expense of new furniture and household goods, the emotional toil a separation or divorce has a heavy cost, too.   With a mediated prenuptial agreement, there is already an outline of how to shield the family as much as possible from these costs, or from one person taking on an unfair portion of them.