Tips for Drafting Parenting Plans in New York

When you are heading into discussions over your New York parenting plan, it pays to be informed.  Knowing what to expect and how you can best structure the process to leave parties mutually accepting of the terms is critical for success.  Here are the top tips for putting together parenting plans in New York.

You’ll want to have all important information before you put together the parenting plan.  This means factoring in parental work schedules, the pattern of time-sharing with the child that happened before the divorce was final, the ability of the child to adapt to changes, as well as long term plans like set-in-stone vacation arrangements that should be accounted for.

It’s a good idea to consider how communication should happen between the parents if there are emergencies or last-minute changes that need to be considered.  Setting up a communication plan of action can limit arguments between you and your former spouse and set out clear protocol about discussions over altering the existing schedule.  This can ultimately be a positive step to help out the children involved in the case, too, by limiting a constantly shifting schedule and any particular disagreements related to when and under what circumstances the schedule can change.

Finally, factor in the developmental needs of each child.  Often, a cookie cutter New York parenting plan is not the best approach because it might miss out on some of the individual needs of the children.  If there are any psychological or behavioral disorders, as well as any medical need that should be factored in, bring those to the table when you’re drafting your parenting plan.

A parenting plan can be made easier by consulting with an experienced New York family law attorney as soon as possible.