Why Should We Take Child Custody Issues to a Mediator?

Dealing with divorce can be stressful, painful and emotional for all those involved. It can be especially traumatic for children. When divorce is imminent, it is a good idea to take child custody issues to a mediator. He or she will do their best to provide a win-win situation for both parents and especially, the children.

Less Traumatic on the Children

One of the best reasons why you should visit child custody and support mediator in New City NY is that it will be less traumatic on your children compared to going to court. A courtroom can be a scary place for children, especially if they do not understand why their parents are getting a divorce.

Less Expensive

Taking your child custody issues to a mediator will also cost you less money than going to court to fight the battle. Even though the mediator cannot make any decisions on your case, or issue binding decisions, he or she will make sure the two parties discuss the matter openly and in a positive way.

Helps Create Working Relationship

When you take a child custody issue to mediation, it helps to create a working relationship between yourself and your former spouse. No one says you have to like your former spouse after divorce, but getting along for the children is very important. Mediation is non-adversarial, which means that both parties involved are trying to figure out what is best for the children, not one-up each other like they do during a divorce.

The bottom line here is that all child custody issues should be taken to a mediator in order to avoid stress and keep the children from being traumatized.

What Doesn’t a Family Lawyer Mediator Do?

As you prepare to enter into divorce proceedings, you might be wondering what a family lawyer mediator does and does not do. You need to be aware of the differences so you can look out for these items during your proceedings.

Family Lawyer Mediator Does Not Decide Case Outcomes

One thing a family lawyer mediator will not do is decide your case. He or she has been hired to simply help mediate the discussion between the two parties, not come to a decision for either side. The mediator will make sure the discussion stays positive, focused on the topic at hand and does not get out of control. The mediator will make suggestions for both sides, but will not make decisions.

Family Lawyer Mediators Do Not Make Binding Decisions

A family law mediator in New City, New York will not make any binding decisions when hired to mediate a divorce. Mediation is never legally binding. It only becomes binding when a settlement agreement has been properly executed as a result of the mediation.

Family Lawyer Mediators Cannot Give Legal Advice

A very important thing to remember when using a family lawyer mediator is the fact that he or she is not allowed to give clients legal advice. A mediator can only give legal advice if he or she is also a barred attorney, which can occur in some instances.

Family lawyer mediators are an important part of the divorce process because they keep discussions calm and focused. They also have the best interests of both parties in mind, hoping to provide a win-win situation for each side.

Do I Really Need a Divorce Mediator?

Divorce is a very stressful legal matter that affects millions of people each year. Not only do you have to come to terms with the end of your marriage, you also need to begin dividing assets and other items with your former spouse. A divorce mediator in Rockland County will make the process as easy as possible for you.

Resolution Out of Court

One of the biggest reasons why you should hire a divorce mediator is the fact that he or she can help resolve the matter outside of court, which means there will be less tension involved. When any legal issue reaches court, the stress and anxiety levels run high. A divorce mediator can keep the battle out of court and keep your stress levels lower.

Divorce Mediator Important When Children Present

A divorce mediator is especially important when there are children involved in the divorce of the couple. Custody battles can turn ugly, but a divorce mediator will be able to help both sides of the divorce discuss custody concerns and reach a fair custody plan. The mediator will also do his or her best to turn a win-lose situation into a win-win situation for all involved.

Stronger After-Divorce Relationship

If you are going through a divorce, it might be a good idea to work with a divorce mediator in order to have a stronger after-divorce relationship because you avoid litigation. This is especially important when there are children involved in the divorce.

A divorce mediator will do everything possible to create a win-win situation for both parties involved, so be sure to contact one today.